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Dyno Cover for Z 1, KZ1000, and J-Model Kawasaki Dyno Cover for GS1100 and GS1150 Suzuki Dyno Cover for GS750 and GS1000 Suzuki Dyno Cover for GS1100 and GS1150 Suzuki with Crank Support D & G Chassis makes High Performance Billet Dyno Covers for Kawasaki Z 1, KZ, J-Model, and Suzuki GS750, GS1000, GS1100, and GS1150. Comes complete with starter nut, crank seal, and 6mm hardware. These Dyno Covers are engineered to withstand the stress and strain that your dragbike will find on the track. Give us a call today ! $135 $135 $135 $242 Catalog Frames